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Bowral and Sydney

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Are you looking for psychotherapy and counselling to help you make sense of yourself and your life?


The idea behind psychotherapy and counselling is that you can talk about your confusing thoughts and feelings to understand yourself better. Together, we sift through and unpack underlying patterns of thinking and feeling in cases of anxiety, depression, grief, complex trauma, relationships and neurodivergent ways of being.

It isn’t always easy to even know why we feel the way we do, even though we know that something just isn’t right.  Sitting together over time, we learn about the deeper parts of the self that can get lost during a lifetime in which we do not feel fully seen or heard.  The time that we spend together, we sort through the past and learn how this has impacted the present, and then wonder about the future, slowly and at your own pace.

I offer the option of Telehealth as well as face to face in clinic sessions in Bowral and Sydney.

What to expect from psychotherapy and counselling


In our psychotherapy and counselling in Bowral and Sydney, we use The conversational Model, a psychodynamic therapeutic style.  This style relies on the understanding that our formative relationships from birth and infancy shape our adult relationships. As we discuss your issues over time, you will develop a reflective awareness to help you develop new ways of relating to yourself and to others which become easier and less stressful as you grow into who you are and want to be.

In your own time and at your own pace you are encouraged to talk about anything that you wish to. In life we often ‘edit’ what we’re really thinking because we can get ourselves into trouble with others if we say everything we think!

As the relationship develops, you will learn to trust both in the therapeutic process and in yourself so that you can face into life’s challenges with more confidence, clarity, and self-belief.

Psychotherapy and Counselling for …



Complex Trauma including PTSD and BPD

Anger Management

Addictions to Substances and Behaviours

Relationship Counselling


Managing Work/Life Balance

Reaching Your Potential

Finding Your Voice

Lack of Motivation

Life Changes

Neurodivergent personality types – ADHD/Asperger’s/ASD

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