Journeying together to

find an end in sight

Have you ever wondered where the word depression comes from? It comes from the Latin verb deprimere, “to press down” which suggests a pressing down of feelings or even the spirit.

depressionIt can make us feel hopeless.  The feelings of despair which arise from this can immobilise us and can cause physical symptoms of discomfort and pain. It can leave us feeling unmotivated, unfulfilled and sometimes even suicidal. This can be due to the lack of connection that results from withdrawal in shame and dread.

There is usually no one reason for depression. Everyone has their own unique story that is shaped by their past and present experiences. But the feelings and sensations that emerge, which include overwhelming unhappiness and isolation, are common to all people who suffer from this.


Depression – clinical or reactive

Depression can be clinical or reactive. The former seems to be a chronic state of dysphoria that has accompanied a person ever since they can remember. Reactive depression occurs in reaction to a specific event or time in one’s life.  This can be when a circumstance has a powerful impact on mood.

What to expect from therapy

In therapy, we explore the immediate feelings and thoughts that arise in depression.  As well as this, over time, we start to locate these states of mind in the context of your life experience. In this therapeutic journey in which we meander at your own pace, we explore how you have seen yourself in relation to others. We also explore how you position yourself in your own life to reveal those deeper wounded parts that feel crushed and leave you feeling low and despondent.

Gradually, over time, the low moods shift very subtly.  Then a new space is created in your mind to allow a different way of seeing and experiencing yourself and the world.

While unpleasant and distressing, depression can be seen as an adaptive way for the unconscious mind to press down and make itself felt so that you can awaken to the deeper parts of your self  that need loving attention.

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