What we run from pursues us;
what we face transforms us

Grief Counselling

Grief counselling can help with the loss of someone or something that you have cherished and taken for granted. We associate grief very much with the loss of a loved one.  Additionally, it can also be the loss of place, country, a job, or purpose. However, one of the most profound types of loss, is a loss of a sense of self and identity. It has been argued that all therapy is underpinned by grief, because it is loss that causes deep ruptures in our identity and purpose.

Many people speak of stages of grief, but this is a misconception for the most part. It is not that your experience of grief may not seem like it moves in stages, but rather this is not a fixed framework. Everyone’s experience of grief seems to get mapped onto their personal history and circumstances. What is important about grief is that it is given space to breathe and be recognised for what it is for you.

Grief Counselling can Unpack Deeper Levels of Grief

griefGrief often gives way to deeper underlying grief, so that it can be seen as having layers. As the initial grief is being unpacked and processed, a deeper grief can be exposed. You may have been holding onto this deeper grief without necessarily being aware of it. These deeper wounds that emerge are often difficult to face. However in grief counselling, opening to them with a  conscious awareness, can lead to a profound awakening of your deeper self.  Layers of grief is often referred to as complex grief.  It can be difficult to shift and may require longer periods periods of time in which to unpack, process and heal.

Grief, if not processed both by the mind and the body, can blanket over your life. This can affect your ability to live fully into who you are. Furthermore, it is a delicate process and often leads to deeper grief from the past. However, within and through this painful process, new understandings reveal themselves. Once these unfold, sadness and despair will make way for hope and a return to vitality.

Grief is a journey and any healing that takes place is an ongoing
process that can, if we allow it to, transform rather than control

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