Relationship therapy

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to listen with loving tenderness

Relationship Counselling Bowral

People generally come to relationship counselling in Bowral to save a meaningful relationship. Usually it’s a relationship that has been difficult and stressful to navigate for several valid reasons and circumstances. Whilst for the main part, people who come to relationship counselling are couples, they certainly don’t have to be. Therapy is also available to parents and children, siblings and any other type of relationship. The issue at the core of any relationship is usually to do with how we are seen, heard and accepted for who we are by others.

relationship-counselling-bowralIt is widely recognised now that our individual relating styles largely, but of course not solely, stem from early formative relationships with caregivers. Even though this might sound like a contradiction, relationships that can withstand disruption and conflict are more likely to grow and flourish. This is opposed to relationships that are all rosy during good times but become volatile and irreparable under stress. This latter style of relationship has a tendency to breakdown with conflict. This is because each party gets stuck in their own wounds. When this happens, the relationship can struggle to thrive. This is often the reason, but not always, that couples find themselves in therapy. Once the going gets tough, communication gets stuck!

In relationship counselling in Bowral and Sydney, the work that really counts is the hard conversations about what each person finds difficult to communicate and why. In this safe space, feelings and thoughts can be given the loving tenderness that they require. Generally, up until now these feelings and thoughts haven’t had the opportunity to be held and respected. Once they are given the respect and love required, they can then be tolerated and find a place to perch and be nurtured.

Relationship Counselling

Couples therapy (relationship counselling) can be powerfully unifying. Both of you are finally heard and listened to by each other. However, it can also get tough, as we are called to face cracks and challenges that require love and patience to heal. It can even be the case that couples therapy reveals truths about the relationship that lead to the realisation that a peaceful and respectful separation is a better option than staying together. Whilst this might sound scary, in my experience, the truth sets us free. Subsequently, parting ways can lead to a new perspective.  Whilst this is at first confronting and painful, it’s ultimately liberating and life giving.

In relationship therapy, the work that really counts is the hard conversations about what each person in the relationship finds difficult to communicate and why.

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