Getting to know and
befriending your Anxious self

Where your anxiety or anxiety attacks are coming from


Anxiety can be described as excessive worry – sometimes about specific events.  However, anxiety or anxiety attacks can also be very nonspecific.  It can cause a general feeling of fear, discomfort and worry that can stop us in our tracks at different times.

anxietyAccordingly, the obvious causes of anxiety and anxiety attacks include fear of known and unknown situations. However, these are less common than the feeling of disconnection from others and even from ourselves. When anxiety is not detected or understood, we find wonderful coping mechanisms that hide it both from ourselves and from others. Part of how we delve into anxiety in therapy, is within our conversation. We do this by connecting to the different feeling states both of the mind and the body.

Symptoms of anxiety and anxiety attacks

Both specific and non-specific body symptoms accompany anxiety.  These can include headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, palpitations, sweating, shakiness, stomach pain, an inability to talk or express ourselves, withdrawal, general aches and pains that come and go, stiffness, poor appetite, and the list goes on.

Coping strategies for anxiety and anxiety attacks

Consequently, whilst coping strategies to manage anxiety and anxiety attacks are discussed in therapy, we mainly explore what lies behind your anxiety.

Where it’s coming from, and all of the associated feelings, emotions, and behaviours that are making life and relationships feel like hard work.  Exploring anxiety can be an intense process. Often painful experiences including past trauma, memories, events and feelings are uncovered as they come to the surface.  However, it is always done gently, and nothing surfaces until you are ready.

Our minds have a wonderful way of helping and protecting us, making sure that we only take on what we are able to at any given moment.  This is why long-term therapy is always an option. This allows for the time that is needed to unfurl complex and overwhelming thoughts, feelings and situations.


Exploring our anxiety is a journey that isn’t defined by time or structure,
it unfolds as you do and has a curious way of revealing your greatest gifts and treasures.

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